Pink Twain

Bathroom Renovation
Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Square Footage: 85
Year: 2023
Status: Complete

Two renovated bathrooms in a house in Los Feliz. The clients wanted to update both of their bathrooms with new fixtures and finishes, increased storage, and improved layouts.

Loaf designed reconfigured plans, which included bringing in additional daylight in both bathrooms, and worked with the client to select new fixtures and colorful finishes for each space.

Photo: Michael Lockridge

Existing (E) and proposed (P) floor plans.

Photo: Michael Lockridge

In the primary bathroom, tile details were calibrated to frame the enlarged window and new tub, while a wing wall and soffit delineate the space of the shower and bath from the rest of the room. The primary colors of pink and white are unified by brown clay accents in the grout and cabinet pulls.

The guest bathroom combines a pink and green color scheme with bold marble and brass fixtures. The border between green and pink continues around the room like a wainscot and sets a datum that organizes the placement of fixtures and shelves across the room. A new skylight above the shower helps illuminate the whole room and creates a distinctive spatial quality within the shower.

Photo: Michael Lockridg

Photo: Alfie Koetter

Photo: Michael Lockridge

Photo: Michael Lockridge