House Renovation

Square Footage: 2,690 
Year: 2021
Status: Complete

An interior renovation of a Spanish Colonial style home in Oakland. The clients, a young family who bought the existing house, wanted to renovate before moving in to update the home and bring it more in line with their personal tastes.

Loaf worked together with the clients to select new finishes and fixtures throughout the house, including a complete renovation of the kitchen. The design focused on finish details to integrate new materials with the existing conditions.

New cabinetry was added to increase storage and provide surfaces for both utility and display. The built-in cabinets are set off against the plaster walls with face frames of natural wood that maintain textural richness. 

Wood finishes continue into the bathrooms by way of functional surfaces and cabinetry as well as trim that accommodates new tile—another set of textures added to the home.