Millwork by Aaron Hauser    Photo: Michael Lockridge


Garage Conversion
Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Square Footage: 216
Year: 2022
Status: Complete

A garage converted to a studio for a Hollywood music composer. The client’s small detached garage at the back of his property was a good fit for a new composing studio that would allow him to work from home while having privacy and acoustic separation from the rest of his house.

Maintaining the rectangular plan without any additional walls, the space was opened up to the adjacent garden with a large sliding-glass door. Around the perimeter of the space, millwork was installed to provide equipment storage, seating, and working surfaces.

The requirement to improve the acoustic qualities of the space was the impetus for the main design feature: custom perforated wood panels, which clad the walls in the same warm wood finish as the millwork.

Photo: Michael Lockridge

Millwork by Aaron Hauser    Photo: Michael Lockridge

The circular pattern of the acoustic panels is repeated in the door handles and drawer pulls of the lower cabinetry, and in the new light fixtures as well.

Above the top of the wall panels, a coffered ceiling was created by encasing the existing roof joists in a painted wood trim, accentuating the vertical dimension within the tight space.

Millwork by Aaron Hauser    Photo: Michael Lockridge