Garage Conversion
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Square Footage: 415
Year: 2023
Status: In Progress

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom ADU converted from an existing garage. The client, who works for the City of Los Angeles and is passionate about adding density to create additional housing opportunities for people in her community, wanted to turn their existing detached garage into an ADU rental unit that would include a full kitchen, in-unit laundry, and private outdoor space.

Existing (E) and proposed (P) floor plans.

To meet setback requirements and fit within the existing garage footprint, the design adds interior walls that make space for a bathroom, kitchen, small laundry closet, and storage. These rooms are set at the perimeter along two adjacent walls, while the living and sleeping space is left open in a loft-like configuration.

The central space opens out to a private patio enclosed by new exterior walls beyond the existing footprint. These new walls also conceal a stair up to a small roof terrace.

This project is ongoing.