House Renovation
Northridge, Los Angeles

Square Footage: 4,670
Year: 2023
Status: In Progress

A plan for a renovation of an existing house into a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home. A family of seven who was looking for more space purchased a sprawling house on a large lot in Northridge where their kids would have more room to play and the family could host and entertain many guests.

The house had been added to multiple times over the years and had an inefficient plan and various level changes between different areas. The design entails relocating interior walls to reorganize the plan, including adding a powder room, converting the attached garage to a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, and accommodating a primary bedroom suite with a large bathroom and walk-in closet.

Existing (E) and proposed (P) floor plans.

The front door is relocated, allowing the creation of an entry hall with more direct access to circulation throughout the house while preserving the intimacy of a library space off of the living room. In the new plan layout the existing level changes of the house are paired with built-in millwork that extends the depth of thresholds within which to fit reconfigured steps.

The new plan also increases connections to the outside, with new french doors opening out from several rooms onto the back veranda. At the front, a new patio outside the relocated front door accommodates a rearranged entry sequence from the driveway.

This project is ongoing.