Photo: Luke Studebaker


Interior Design
New York, New York

Square Footage: 2,000 
Year: 2023
Status: Complete

An interior design of a two-bedroom apartment in an early twentieth-century Palazzo style building in Manhattan. The clients, a couple with kids and grandkids nearby in the city, purchased the apartment to live in part-time.

Before moving in, the clients wanted to update the apartment to fit their style but didn’t want to undertake a significant project or delay their move for too long. They tasked Loaf with revamping the space cosmetically—without moving any walls.

Photos: Luke Studebaker

Loaf designed a furniture plan that integrated new and existing pieces. The design also included new lighting, paint, wallpaper, and textiles throughout the apartment.

A varied palette of wall paint was introduced in monochrome schemes applied across the trim and molding. The colors were chosen to compliment specific natural light conditions, furniture, fixtures, and artwork, giving each room unique qualities of light, color, texture, and space—a suite of contrasts.

Photo: Luke Studebaker

 Photo: Luke Studebaker